Friday, June 26, 2009

Letter of Engr. Claudio "Odie" Giron to Transco President

25 June 2009


President and CEO


Central Luzon Area Control Center

NOD, Luzon System Operations



We marvel and appreciate for receiving three (3) spur-of-the-moment “Notices of Termination” one at home, the other one at the office and third one sent through E-mail.

If these three notices is possible and can be done spontaneously and instantly, then, how about the other side of the coin was left hanging – the separation benefits and other claims.

Allow me to reiterate: Not all separated employees can be absorbed by NGCP, which was clearly disclosed in your letter. These are persons who have lots of worries. And at the end of the day, if they receive no more salaries and wages from TransCo but they have a family that needs to survive and attend to school. Will they (personnel not re-hire by NGCP) still receive salary for the period July 1-15 ? This is a gray area not defined!

How can both ends of the rope meet with their daily expenses on this work transition period? Have you ever seen this scenario? Yet, you are not helping them!

How about me? Ohh, thanks GOD, to NPC & TransCo that made possible both my daughters who are now professionals and blessed with stable job as well as my wife….. then, why worry? Actually, I just attempt to put-on shoes of troubled person on mine.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to hear this assurance from you: Quote, unquote…

Please be informed that the processing of your separation benefits and other claims will be prioritized subject to the submission of clearance and other complete supporting documents.”

This vow was given 01 June 2009 from your Notice of Termination.

Almost a month was passed; we only heard the tic-tac of a second of time. Yes, we only heard 2,102,400 tics out of 2,592,000 seconds in a month nothing more nothing less.

Wow, do not say that all of us never completed the clearances and supporting documents (?) and cause impediments on processing.

At the moment, NPC is still giving us a real fight on our claims. This is our heartfelt suggestion, why not try to put-on shoes of separated employee on your feet! Or are you in the same contentious arena of NPC?

You never ask who am I to ask this thing? Hereunder are full details who really am I. Thank you.

I remain, I am


PS: I made this epistle available in Electronics Mail.

CF: Human Resources



12My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. 13Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15: 12-13 (NIV)

MR. CLAUDIO OCAMPO GIRON is the Superintendent who serves as Head of Central Luzon Area Control Center, under the Network Operations Department of Luzon System Operations, National Transmission Corporation.

MR. GIRON modestly accomplished the following:

(1) A co-author of Napocor’s Luzon Grid Standard Operating Procedures Manual re-memo order #90-189.

(2) Revise the formulated System Blackout Switching Procedures, and introduced Kalayaan as Source of Power, whereas, the power was extended down to Makban Complex reaching up to Sucat which was utilized as synchronizing point of all established sub-grids.

(3) Managed to be the record holder of the two (2) hours fastest restoration from System Blackout using the above mentioned revise switching procedures.;

(4) Introduced Local Load Dispatch premise that gears towards development of the of Area Control Center concept.

(5) He brainchild the development and formulation of (1) Power Dispatch Information System (PDIS) and (2) System Performance Monitoring and Information System (SPMIS) Software Programs used respectively by National Control Center and Area Control Center on (a) reporting, (b) information system and (c) performance management.

(6) He is a member who develops of System Voltage Improvement Program (SVIP) – a corporate-wide grid study (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao ), testing, evaluation and application of reactive power system dispatch on January - December 1999;

(7) Conceptualized, submitted and endorsed by his Group- CLACC (March 2004) the formulated initial software on transmission monitoring system known as Grid Topographical Mapping and Transmission Line Data Program, comparative now to GIS-software application.

(8) He plays a simple role mark to attain first ISO Certificate of System Operations Group where he belongs, realized on February 08, 2002.

(9) MR. GIRON is The Author of the book with ISBN 971-91364-0-5, which was entitled, “What is Brownout? Luzon Grid Power Crisis and System Operations”, published May 1993.

(10) Instrumental in preparation of the working draft of Philippines Grid Code, the acquired experiences and expertise give rise to author of Grid Operations Codes on (a) Operational Responsibilities, (b) Notices and Reports, (c) Frequency Control and Voltage Control, (d) Emergency Procedures and (e) Power Dispatch Code and Implementation.

(11) Rescued 2-Power Plant From Total Destruction.

a). Ambuklao HE Plant total submersion from underwater following the 1977 main cooling system leaky pipe exploded, under supervision then of Power Plant Engineer ROGELIO KINTANAR

b). Angat HE Plant from total power plant fire damage. With the much able help of MR. ED PADUA now the Security Regional Head of Southern Tagalog.

MR. GIRON is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from National University on October 1974. He passed the Assistant Electrical Engineering licensure examination on February 1975. Also, he is a graduate of Meralco Power Engineering Program, Batch 11, 1988-90. He finished all academic requirements of Master in Business Administration in Philippines Women University (PWU), Quezon City Campus, 1995-97.

MR. GIRON is the President of the Graduate Studies during his school days in PWU. He initiated and rationalized successfully the PWU Computerized Registration in Quezon City Campus. He introduced and carried-out the Training the Trainors Seminar to populace of PWU Graduate Studies in his time.

MR. GIRON has extensive experiences and trainings in (a) all power plants operations, (b) substation operation, (c) power system dispatching (generation and transmission), (d) relaying and power protection. He undergoes training in relaying and power protection in Taiwan Power Corporation, Taiwan , China for one month comprehensive training on November - December 1993.

MR. GIRON joined National Power Corporation in October 27, 1975 as Cadet Engineer (introduced then as Electrical Engineering Aide) assigned in Ambuklao HE Plant. He acquired the position Power Plant Engineer from the ranks. He transferred to System Operations Group since mid 1979. He separated form NPC February 2003 and rehired by TransCo March 01, 2003.

MR. GIRON is just a common employee who makes the most of his productive time in his almost 34 years stay in the Government Corporation. This is for all of you.

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