Monday, June 29, 2009

8-Track to IPod - Part I

Technology has gone a long way. So if you were born in the 50's you can relate to my story.
We were very fortunate specially those of us who are music lovers. I have seen and experienced these things in my childhood. The 8-track tape players came when I was in high school and everybody adored that piece of gadget because you can listen to your favorite songs in your car, jeeps and buses. It was like having your turntable in your car because you can listen to your favorite LP that was copied in the 8-track tape. This technology came before the cassette tape.

Even at home this 8-track player became very popular because you can enjoy listening to music and still continue to listen in your car which was not possible in LPs.

I still remember whenever I was able to visit Manila. I have to bring my old 8-track cartridges to Raon St., Sta. Cruz, Manila and go to a record store where I will choose the LP that I want to be copied in the 8-track cartridge for ten pesos per cartridge and if a selection of songs that would be for a different price.

And what amazes me at that time was they were able to make an FM tuner that was in the size of the 8-track cartridge. FM tuner was very rare because at that time only AM radios are available in car radios. So if you got tired of listening to your 8-tracks then just plug-in the FM tuner then Ola! you have now a radio program in stereo sound.

This was just the beginning.

So what was your experience with this technology?

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