Thursday, June 30, 2011

System Operations 2012 Reunion

30th Anniversary of System Operations (SO) Building 3, Diliman, Quezon City in 2012
An opportunity to meet SO originals from
Ø System Control Division
Ø System Planning Division
Ø Computer & Telemetering Group
To achieve effective information dissemination and logistics, groupings by Division is suggested, with the following persons in charge:
1. Mr. Lino Cruz System Control Division
2. Mr. Rollie Bacani System Planning
3. Mr. Paul Partoza Computer and Telemetering Division
The occasion will be in 2012 in Manila. There are no definite dates yet as suggestions/comments of people from abroad regarding their availabilities are being solicited at this time.
A rough schedule is a three-day get together as follows:
Day 1 (Could be a Friday) A Lunch at NPC Function Room. A chance to have those on duty in SO to come with the occasion (12:00-1:00) and for others who can’t make the next two-day trip. Invited Guests may join the celebration and the affair could last until 5:00 or 6:00 p.m.
Day 2 Trip to Tagaytay. Orlando Pedarse offered his vacation house in Tagaytay for an overnight stay. Assembly place will be NPC Diliman. Vehicles will be arranged. Lunch will be any restaurant along the way to Tagaytay. Sleep at Lando’s vacation house.
Day 3 After Lunch, trip back to Manila
Any other suggestions and recommendations are appreciated.

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