Monday, July 13, 2009

Renewable Energy Act news - from L. Cruz's email

Per DOE:
Potential RE: 200,000 MW
Investment needed: $ 1 to 2M/MW
Target: 9000MW in 10yrs
Objective: to bring down the rates to consumers from P7 to 4.50/Kwh
1) 1% of gross income on RE development projects
2) income tax holiday for 7 years
3) corporate tax rate of 10% of net taxable income
4) duty free importation
5) 10 yr exemption on tariff duties
6) net operating loss carry-over
7) accelerated depreciation
8) 0% VAT rate
9) cash incentive for missionary electrification
10) special realty tax
11) tax exemption on custom duties
12) tax credit on domestic capital investment
13) 10 yr duty free importation and VAT exemption of all types of agricultural equipment and machinery
14) tax rebates on purchase of RE components

I found this related link about IRR of Renewable Energy very informative and nice website.

And another related link from Business Mirror website about Renewable Energy.

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